Riparo Padded CE Kevlar® Flannel Shirt Review: Onewheel or Skateboard Riding Protection



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Riparo Padded Flannel Shirt Review & Wicked Stock Padded Shirt Review

This RIPARO PADDED FLANNEL SHIRT w/ Kevlar® interior isn’t just another layer; it’s a game-changer for riders like me. From carving Onewheel trails to bombing down, skateboard runs, the Riparo has become my go-to shoulder, back, and elbow armor for adventures on wheels. Here’s why it earns a solid five-star review:

BONUS MATERIAL: This review is primarily for the Riparo shirt, but I also review my WICKED STOCK protective shirt toward the end of the video. 

See all specifications and options available for the RIPARO Onewheel or  Motorcycle Riding Work Shirt for Men Long Sleeve Flannel Armored Shirt with Kevlar® and CE Removable Protectors:

See all specifications and options available for the WICKED STOCK Breathable All Seasons Onewheel or Motorcycle Riding Shirt for Men-Women with CE (Certified) Protective Padded Shields:

WHAT DO THE LETTERS “CE” MEAN? Conformité Européenne: This French phrase translates to “European Conformity” and indicates that the product meets the safety standards set by the European Union. What the ratings mean: CE Level 1: This is the basic level of protection, offering minimum energy absorption capabilities. It’s often found in shoulder and elbow pads.

COMFORT: Let’s face it: pads can be bulky and restrict movement. Not Riparo. This flannel is crafted from a soft, flexible flannel with an entire Kevlar® interior that moves with you, never against you. I feel unrestricted and in total control, whether pushing, pumping, or carving. The internal pads are barely noticeable, offering discreet protection without sacrificing comfort.

SAFETY YOU CAN TRUST: One wrong move on wheels can mean ouch-ville. With the Riparo, I can push my limits, knowing I’m covered. The strategically placed armor shields elbows, shoulders, and even the spine, absorbing impacts with a reassuring firmness. 

STYLE WORTH SHOWING OFF: This flannel isn’t just protective; it’s downright stylish. The classic plaid design and rugged stitching give it a timeless look that transitions seamlessly from the streets to the trails. I love rocking it on rides and off, knowing I’m protected without sacrificing good vibes. The multiple color options let me express my style – I snagged the forest green.

DURABILITY TAKES A BEATING: This flannel isn’t afraid of getting dirty. The high-quality materials and construction will withstand the wear and tear of a rider’s life. It’s built to last, just like my riding spirit.

OVERALL: The Riparo Padded Flannel Shirt is more than just a protective layer; it’s a confidence booster. Knowing I’m covered lets me shred harder, explore further, and push my limits. The comfort, protection, style, and durability make it a five-star winner in my book. If you’re looking for an everyday armor with street cred, the Riparo is your riding buddy. Get ready to shred with confidence!

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